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As a creative entrepreneur and mother of two, Reiko Mackenzie has always wanted to take things to the next level.  She is the founder of the gluten-free beer company, CORSA beer, and creator of REIKOMOMMY and the LIVEFIERCE project. 

Reiko has maintained a strong voice and level of support in the LGBTQ community in Vancouver, BC.  Being focused, fearless and true to herself has been the foundational force in all her success. 

“What’s life if you can’t be yourself?  Expressing that is the best gift you can give anyone.  Not only does it inspire others but it creates REAL relationships, and that’s what is most important.” ~ Reiko.


Including craft beer, of course!


and Family too


and Paying it Forward

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Reiko is an inspiring speaker who lives her life with authenticity and passion. Her willingness to share her personal story with our community is just one demonstration of her ongoing generosity. Reiko is also an avid supporter of QMUNITY and recently dedicated her birthday to our organization, raising over $1000 to support LGBTQ programs! Thank you Reiko!
Dara ParkerExecutive Director of Qmunity, BC’s Queer Resource Centre

I’ve always felt that Reiko serves a refreshing dose of authenticity and fearlessness to anyone around her, while still remaining grounded and compassionate – quite a powerful combo to find in one person.

Jenna BermanActor/model

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